Juice Review: OC Vapes

With the grand opening of Planet of the Vapes just two days away, we’ve been chain-vaping here at BayVapes to get ourselves pumped up for this event. Luckily, there were three samples from OC Vapes sitting in the steeping drawer to keep our tanks filled.

OC Vapes samples

OC Vapes is a newcomer to the vape scene, offering handcrafted juices as well as rebuilding material at fairly reasonable prices. Free shipping for orders over $25 and California orders under $7 is a nice plus. OC Vapes got that California love.

The Juice (0mg nicotine)

  • Arctic Chill: Described as a “pure menthol blend” on the OC Vapes website, this juice is exactly that. It’s minty. It’s cool. Makes you feel all tingly inside. The cooling sensation is quite subtle, yet extremely smooth. The aftertaste is minimal, which is great if you like to constantly switch juices mid-vape and don’t want cross-contamination of flavors. Arctic Chill sports the best vapor production of the three samples; however, a little bit more kick from the menthol would be nice.
  • Thin Mint: This is a sweet dessert blend akin to its Girl Scout cookie counterpart. While the chocolate-mint combo worked well, the chemical undertones of the chocolate flavoring was a bit off-putting. While not the best all day vape due to its strong flavor profile, this juice pairs well with your morning coffee or after a large, food baby-inducing meal.
  • Revolt: Easily the favorite of the three samples. OC Vapes takes those slippery, charming little choking hazards also known as lychee jelly treats and transcodes them into a refreshing all day vape. The sweetness, while slightly understated, actually works to the advantage of this juice with every vape just as enticing as the first.

While OC Vapes still has a bit of fine-tuning work to do on their juices, which is expected of any new juice company, their lineup (especially Revolt in particular) looks to be promising. Try them out for yourself at OCVapers.com.


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