Ruthless E-Juice Mini-Review: Bananas and Creamsickles

Get your mind outta the gutter; this isn’t a review for a porn from your favorite streaming site. It’s a look at two flavors from Ruthless E-Juice, Banana Chip and C.R.E.A.M.SICKLE.



I was gifted a sample of these flavors from Ruthless Bay Area distributor, Chino Mike Le, who was kind enough to personally deliver these samples to me. Each flavor had 3mg nicotine – Even though I normally vape at 0mg, the throat hits were so smooth with these juices that I didn’t even mind it. Both flavors were tested on a 0.8 ohm dual-coil setup using Bakero wire and 3mm silica, placed on top of my Nemesis.

Banana Chip:

This flavor stays faithful to its name. First it hits you with the banana flavoring which is very dominant and pops out instantly on inhale. It then moves to a “baked” taste of dessert or pastries. The flavor of this juice will linger on your taste buds even after the vapor has been exhaled. Definitely one of the more flavorful juices I have tasted.


Just like the famous ice cream bar, Ruthless made their version of this flavor for your vaping pleasure as well as to pay respects to the Wu-Tang Clan. It has a more complex flavor than orange, a bit more like tangerine or mandarin. There is also a light cream taste to it which is a subtle finish that is more apparent when exhaled. It reminds me more of cream soda than actual ice cream. This is a great flavor for summertime, especially on a hot day.

Big thanks to the homie, Chino Mike Le, hit him up on Facebook for more information on Ruthless E-Juice. Full review of the rest of the line coming soon. Stay tuned!

Ruthless E-Juice is a premium juice line straight out of Southern California, with a line-up of flavors such as “Grape Drank,” “Slurricane,” and “EZ DOZ IT.” We hope to see them popping up in Bay Area shops in the near future.




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