Grand Opening: Planet of the Vapes

I gotta say it: I’m jealous of you Sacramento vapers with all your fancy vape shops. And now Planet of the Vapes wants to rub it in our faces by having their grand opening this Saturday, June 29. Word is that it’s going to be super dope. Hella tight. Off tha chain.


Hansel One, owner of Planet of the Vapes, was a smoker for 15 long years. That’s a whole lotta cigarettes. After picking up vaping, he’s remained cigarette-free for almost a year now. In order to give back to the very thing that saved his life, he decided to open up a vape shop dedicated to helping others quit smoking themselves. The rest is history.

“The vape scene [in the Bay Area] is growing. You see it more and more at the nightclubs and bars. When you’re vaping, people are immediately intrigued and ask what it is right away.” -Hansel One, POTV

Planet of the Vapes looks to be well-stocked for the grand opening, carrying mods from JMod, Atmizoo, and Provari, along with the trusty Joyetech eGo Twists for the novice vapers. Kanger and Cirrus tanks will also be on deck, along with a variety of quality juices including Flavorz by Joe, Ben Jonson’s Awesome Sauce, The Standard, Jameson’s Irish Vapor Juice, and Mr. Good Vape, to name a few. Bring a dripper.


They had me at “food.”

They’ll even throw this T-shirt at you if you spend $80 or more. You can never have enough mods…

POTV shirt

The worst part? We gotta wait til the end of the week for this.

Join their Facebook Event and spread the word. It’s gon’ be a party.


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