Mod Watch: Grand Vapor SS Sentinel M16 (Limited Edition)

Grand Vapor just keeps cranking out the mods…First the original Sentinel, then the Private v2, now this beauty:

What you’re drooling over is the Limited Edition Grand Vapor Stainless Steel Sentinel M16, which was just posted on Grand Vapor’s Facebook yesterday. While this isn’t the final design, you can expect it to be just as sexy as all the other GV products. The golden Trident on top, which works flawlessly with the M16’s design and color scheme, won’t be available for a while, however. Sad face.

Where can you get one, you ask? Well, you can always fly across the Pacific Ocean to the Grand Vapor office in the Philippines if you wanna go straight to the source. Or you can join the group buy on Facebook. Through this co-op purchase, the SS Sentinel M16 can be yours for just $160. Start saving that lunch money.

EDIT: If you want to buy this, CaliVapers is hosting a group buy for the M16 as well. The deadline to order is July 12. Reserve your mod here.


2 thoughts on “Mod Watch: Grand Vapor SS Sentinel M16 (Limited Edition)

  1. Hey, saw that you post on calivapers forums. Just wanted if you could update this blog post about the M16 to include the group buy on calivapers. We’re trying to get enough people to sign up but it’s starting off a little slow for sign ups. Thanks!

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