BayVapes Special: Hella Vape


This adjective has been ingrained into the vernacular of virtually every bay area native.

Where were you last night foo’? There were hella fine girls at that club last night!”
“Dude, I was hella gassy from that Chipotle so I couldn’t come out. They put hella beans in my burrito.”

Well aware of this linguistic and cultural phenomenon, the guys from Hella Vape decided to take this word which identifies their homebase and stick it right into their business name.

The Hella Vape organization consists of Jace, Jarms, and a team of ninjas. The two are childhood friends from Milpitas, constantly looking outside the confinements of what most people call the norm. They are Bay Area-rooted, School of Hard-knocks Valedictorian’s with the drive of 7 “Too-$hort’s” put together.

“Have you ever been out of state and said, “Hella”? I’m sure you’ve gotten responses like, ‘you’re not from here are you?’ Or, ‘You’re from the Bay.’ Exactly, the Bay! Not SoCal but NorCal. It’s how we differentiate ourselves amongst the rest.” -J, Hella Vape

They currently offer a selection of popular European and Filipino mods such as the Poldiac, Nemesis, and the Titan. Their own personal line of Hella Vape mods are also available at great price points, with bundle packages such as “Manny Cloudz” and “Frank Dookz” to choose from.

The “Frank Dookz” Package, rebuildable atomizer included

In the Bay Area where brick-and-mortar shops are few and far in between as of this posting, Hella Vape aims to stand out by placing an emphasis on connecting with the vape community not only through sales, but through the power of word-of-mouth:

“Some people think the best lighting on the road are the burning bridges behind you, whereas Hella Vape is in the business of building bridges.” It’s what makes the community that much more stronger and knowledgeable.”

MC from the BayVapes team bought a Nemesis from Hella Vape and had nothing but good things to say about his experience. He even got a t-shirt out of the deal.

MC with his new Nemesis, courtesy of Hella Vape


BayVapes x Hella Vape x Fuck That, Inc.

Although their site and online shop is currently undergoing a major revamp, you can still access their store here. The relaunch of their site should be in a couple of weeks. E-mail them at for more information and they’ll hook you up.


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