The Birth of BayVapes.

It all started when I was sitting in my friend’s college apartment in Long Beach, California. It was just another kickback – everyone was a little bit tipsy and enjoying themselves. Good vibes all around. Suddenly, my homie reaches into his pocket and pulls out what seems to be a pen and guides it towards his mouth. 3.5 seconds later, his mouth is puffing steam like a choo-choo train. There’s no smell. I stare intently, somewhat in awe of something I’ve never seen before. He casually extends this magical device towards me.

“Try it out.”

“Nah, I’m good, I don’t smoke weed, I’ll start tripping out and thinking about everything bad I’ve ever don-  “

” – there’s no weed in it. It’s just coffee-flavored juice.”


“I need one of these.”

Me when I smoke weed.

After witnessing firsthand the prevalence of the vape scene in Southern California with specialty shops on virtually every street corner with even more opening every week, I returned home to the Bay Area in search of a thriving community similar to the one found on the other end of the state.

The closest shop to me was 50 miles away. A quick Yelp search resulted in an underwhelming amount of local vape shops in Northern California, with locations sprinkled around the South Bay and two at most in the East Bay, where I’m from. I knew the vape scene could be much more than what it was at the moment.

Three weeks later, after that first virgin vape at my friend’s place in the LBC, BayVapes was born.

BayVapes is a movement dedicated to uniting the vape community in Northern California and providing news about the latest and greatest in the vape scene. In addition to keeping readers up to date with the latest mods and local shop events,  we aim to recruit current smokers and show them all the benefits not only of being a part of the the great vaping community, but also becoming a stronger, healthier version of themselves.


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